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Style Upgrade

Take your style beyond trends to reflect who you are as a person!

You’ve built up quite a wardrobe over the years! For so long, you really had it together when it came to style. While you were never fashion forward, you at least felt good about how you looked and would even get compliments every now and then.


But lately, your clothes have been feeling, well, blah. Boring. Traditional. Maybe even…outdated. 


You’ve gone shopping and walked away with new, ‘fun’ pieces of clothing only to have them sit in the back of your closet with the tags on. Or worse, gone to hang a top up in your closet only to realize it looks nearly identical to every other top you already have hanging there. 


You feel like you keep wearing the same pieces over and over again - and can’t shake it, no matter how many new pieces you buy. 


This daily frustration has you wanting to throw out your whole closet and start over but…what are the trends right now? Will they even work for you? How do you update your style to feel current and fun without looking like you’re trying too hard? How do you know what should stay and what should go? 


At this point, you’re completely overwhelmed and have no idea where to even start.

Here’s what you can expect after this comprehensive style service:

  • A cohesive, curated, intentional style that goes beyond trends to reflect who you are as a person

  • A completely reimagined and updated wardrobe across all seasons + a total accessories refresh so you are confident and prepared for any occasion

  • A renewed sense of excitement and enthusiasm when you get dressed because you have so many clothes that you can’t wait to wear

  • Having a fun, joyful experience (maybe for the first time ever!) in a fitting room, finding pieces you love that make you feel good in your own skin

  • Understanding what styles fit and flatter you at any size, giving you a renewed confidence and love for your own body

  • Being able to mix and match everything in your closet into a variety of stylish outfits so you always know what to wear 

  • A stylish best friend to hold you accountable, encourage you, and cheer you on so you feel confident and able to fully own your new look and style

Here’s what you get:

  • A style strategy session where we dive deep into your style goals, frustrations and challenges, then come up with a game plan to make the most of our time together

  • Two wardrobe edit sessions so you can cut through the overwhelm and know exactly what you want to wear each day

  • Up to four personal shopping sessions together, where I pull everything for you ahead of time, to make finding pieces you love fun and easy without all the stress

  • Two styling sessions where I create 10+ standout looks for you using your new and current clothes so you know how to put outfits together to feel amazing and stylish, no matter where you’re going

  • Expert outfit support for events and trips (packing list included)​​​​​​​

  • Support by email and text while working together so you can feel confident in your up-leveled style​​​​​​​

Investment: $2800

Monthly payment plan available

You’re ready for a major style change and excited about investing the time, money and energy to feel like your confident, stylish self again!

To get started, schedule your free style strategy session with me!​​​​​​​

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