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Wardrobe Refresh

Ready to ditch the struggle and finally get some relief? I am here for you! 

You’ve had some major changes over the last few years. Maybe you finally got that promotion or took the leap to start your own business (congrats!) or you got married and started a family (congrats, again!). Or maybe your weight has gone up or down and you’re ready to fully embrace your current size, loving and owning your beautiful body just the way it is.


All of these changes, exciting and otherwise, mean that you’re barely getting by with what’s in your closet. You’ve been wearing the same clothes over and over again, even though you have a closet full of clothes because most of them just don’t work for you anymore.​​​​​​​  You’re so tired of having to try on 6 outfits every morning just to finally settle for, “this will work, I guess.” 


The ironic thing is that you actually feel like you “get” style and even have some fun clothes - you’re just feeling lost and unsure about how to adapt your style to work for this new you.



Here’s what you can expect after a wardrobe refresh:

  • A de-cluttered, organized closet so getting dressed in the morning is finally stress-free and easy

  • Having a fun, joyful experience (maybe for the first time ever!) in a fitting room, finding pieces you love that have you feeling good in your own skin

  • Understanding what makes an outfit look put-together and knowing how to create that for yourself with the clothes you own

  • Rediscovering favorite accessories and shoes that have been gathering dust and giving them new life - get ready for compliments where you can honestly reply, “what? This old thing?” 

  • Feeling like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders because you actually have pieces you feel good in and know how to wear

  • A renewed sense of joie de vivre that allows you to show up differently in your life, feeling confident wherever you go

Here’s what you get:

  • A style strategy session where we dive deep into your style goals, frustrations and challenges, then come up with a game plan to make the most of our time together

  • One wardrobe edit so you can cut through the overwhelm and know exactly what you want to wear each day

  • One personal shopping session together, where I pull everything for you ahead of time, to make finding pieces you love fun and easy without all the stress

  • One styling session where I create 10 standout looks for you using your new and current clothes so you know how to put outfits together that will make you feel amazing and stylish, no matter where you’re going

  • Support by email and text while working together so you can feel confident in your up-leveled style​

Investment: $1000

While you can’t see throwing out your entire wardrobe and starting over, you could definitely use some new pieces and expert help to get you on the right track.

To get started, schedule your free style strategy session with me!​​​​​​​

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